Business Etiquette (BE)

Business Etiquette (BE)

Simply put it's all about conveying the right image and behaving in an appropriate way. For business, this is more than important as it creates a professional, mutually respectful atmosphere and improves communication, which helps an office serve as a productive place. PolyNew Training Services will equip you with the skills to understand your industry so as to develop the right set of rules, that govern the way people interact with one another in business, with customers, suppliers, and with other stakeholders.

Learning Objectives: 
  • Understand the meaning of Business Etiquette
  • Appreciate the importance of work Etiquette when working
  • Insight as to what are the right and wrong things to do when doing work.
  • Understand the right things and wrong things in the organization
  • Describe the right procedures in working environment which will increase business
Who should attend?: 

This course is designed for all members of staff from management, supervisors to the staff on the shop floor.

Modes of delivery: 

The module shall be delivered by way of:

  • Lectures
  • Demonstrations
  • Video
  • Group presentations
  • Case studies
  • Assignments & Tests